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The Female Reproductive System

If you are trying to conceive, it’s

important to understand how the female reproductive system works.

Conception requires the existence of at least one strong and healthy spermatozoon in the Fallopian tube in anticipation of ovulation, when an oocyte is released by the ovary. The oocyte is released in the Fallopian tube and, if the conditions are favorable, it is joined with the sperm within 12 hours.  The emerging embryo remains in the Fallopian tube for 4 days and is subsequently transferred to the uterus cavity, where is  implanted under suitable conditions so that pregnancy can occur.

The spermatozoa survive within the female reproductive system for 4-5 days at most and only a limited number of spermatozoa will succeed in surviving the journey to the Fallopian tube. Therefore, a couple that wishes to conceive must come into sexual contact more than once a month to synchronise  with ovulation. It is equally important to understand that the ovary remains fertile for 12 hours.

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